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Upload your PDF file

A PDF file is the basis for the creation of any application in the Issue Stand system. The final look of the application is always determined by the quality of the files, so it's worth paying attention to its final appearance. Highlight places for interactive elements, prepare a table of contents and provide beautiful graphics.

Enhance your magazine by adding rich multimedia

The Issue Stand management system allows you to enhance your magazine by adding interactive elements like videos, audio or photo galleries to the PDF file. Prepare photos and movies and simply upload them to our management system. It is easy, fast and simple!

Test, learn & improve

Our mission is to make your life easier; that's why we created the Issue Stand Viewer. Simply download the viewer from the App Store or Google Play and see your mobile magazine before you publish it. Test, learn and improve in a minute.

You can change anything in your application, any time you want.

Publish your application

Our applications play nicely with iPads, Android tablets and desktop computers. Yes, we have three different platforms at your service! You don't have to be limited to only one distributor. You only need to upload your PDF once and we will make it work flawlessly on all three platforms.

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